Are Initial Consultations Free?

Yes! We are always willing to meet future clients free of charge

How do Estate Sales Work?

SPARC makes the process of an estate sale as effortless as possible on our client's part. The first step of a sale is getting everything hiding in boxes and bags out into the open. After appraising and pricing the items in the sale, SPARC holds whatever sale is right for you. Our on-site sales are 4 days, Thursday- Sunday, and open at 8am to maximize sold items. SPARC Online Sales accomodate all schedules. Contact us today to book a meeting and learn more!

How is SPARC Eco-Friendly?

SPARC utilizes eco-friendly practices that may fall to the wayside when liquidating an estate. We make sure there is never a trash pile outside your sale by implementing recycling and proper waste management while minimizing trash bags used. We also donate what is mandated by our clients after the sale to local charities, eliminating bulky trash, and more!